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Harnes Selway Arts is committed to extraordinary achievements in education and production in the fields of music, music theater and opera, and art – achievements that can empower and transform lives.

Harnes Selway Arts offers:

Singers Onstage: An Operetta and Performing Arts Day Camp
– July 12 - July 25, 2015
– Classes in singing, dance, and acting
– Fully staged and costumed operetta production

Suzuki Piano and Voice Lessons
– Children and youth 5 through 18
Workshops in Suzuki Piano, Voice, Music Theater
Braden and Selway, Song and Dance Duo
– Performances and interactive workshops
Collage classes and workshops
– Developing personal awareness and insight.

Sondra Harnes and James Jillson Selway have over 30 years of experience as performers and educators. They have taught workshops in piano, voice, and theater throughout the US, and in Canada, Bermuda, Ireland, Scotland, and Romania.  They are directors of  Singers Onstage, a performing arts day camp, held for two weeks each summer in the Washington, D.C. area.  Sondra Harnes is founding director of the World Children’s Choir, a not-for-profit professional choir with a dual mission of vocal artistry and cultural diplomacy. James Jillson Selway is also a composer of many pieces for voice and for solo piano. Together they constantly inspire high artistic goals as they tailor the learning process to meet the innate abilities of the student and performer.

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